Friday, July 4, 2008

Working hard!

We have been working with Brandon on getting himself dressed and it definitely can be comical, who knew it took this much practice and work to put your clothes on! He is so funny and tries hard but we definitely give in and help him when he starts to get frustrated. Brandon is doing good with potty training but it is a work in progress for sure. He has not learned to tell us when he needs to go he just will go when you put him on the potty. We are not forcing him with it, we just are encouraging it when we can tell he needs to go. I am so proud of him and in the last week he has poo pooed two times on the potty and we had to call the WHOLE family to let them know too. We love our precious boy!!!


The Covin's said...

He is so cute! They can be quite funny dressing themselves. Weston always wants to wear blue jeans so he will have pockets for his keys and his money. We need to do something next week sometime.


they do grow up way to fast! time for number 2 yet? i think brandon would be a great big brother!!