Sunday, April 27, 2008

What is Your Name?

This video is too funny! We have been working on Brandon learning all of our names and I guess he's got it now!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Who does Brandon look like?

Michaels mom had given me pics of Michael as a baby and when I was looking through them I found this one! I could not believe how much Brandon and Michael look alike!! I will try to get some of mine when I was two to put on here also. Isn't he cute!!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our Family!

Daddy cooking for us!
This smile brightens my day everyday!!!

Brandon loves the water!! He was washing his dishes while I washed ours! He is such a big boy now! The past two weeks Brandon has not felt like himself. Thank goodness, he seems more like himself the past two days. He seems to have a hard time when there is a change in his routine. At school, he is now drinking out of a cup and not a sippy cup. So, we have been doing the same at home. His whole class will be moving to the two year old room in June and they cannot have a sippy cup in there, so they were trying to introduce it now. Also, ALL FOUR of his molars have started coming in. OUCH! We had a hard time with one year old molars too. We also are still trying to potty train, so I guess he has been a little frustrated! He is starting to adjust well though, but next time I don't think we will try so many things at once! I am glad my baby is feeling better..

Friday, April 18, 2008

Benefit for my DAD

I wanted to let everyone know about a benefit that is being held on May 3 (Saturday) for my dad, Randy Smith. As most of you know he was a birmingham police officer for 7 years and in 1995 was shot and injured on the job. He had a traumatic brain injury and a long recovery but is definitely a miracle today. He grew up in Homewood, AL and played football at Homewood high school. The benefit will begin Saturday morning with a 5K walk and carnival afterwards and then later in the day there will be a parade and ceremony with a dinner following. We are very excited for him and he is also. I know there are suppose to be advertisements on tv, in the newspaper and on the radio. I am so happy that my dad is being honored on this day. We all love him very much and are thankful he is here with us today. I am currently a Physical therapist assistant working at Spain Rehabilitation Center at UAB. My dad was a patient here and I treat patients that are just like he was 13 years ago. It definitely can be challenging at times, but I hope I can help my patients the way his therapist helped him. Thank you all for listening and the website to go to if you are interested in attending or donating is

I hope everyone has a blessed day and weekend! Let me know if anyone has questions.

Friday, April 4, 2008


We have begun to potty train Brandon!!! He is so funny, when he needs to go he says "Mommy, poo poo potty, poo poo potty!" and we run to the bathroom for him to tee tee!! Yes, he thinks that's what it is called when you go to the bathroom! I guess because we are always telling him after a BM you need to poo poo in the potty. They are tooooo smart.