Thursday, November 13, 2008

Guess What Brandon is Doing!!!

Putting on his underwear
and pants ALL BY HIMSELF! First day of school with his underwear on!

Brandon has been in underwear since Sunday!! I was off on Mon and tues and thought it would be a good time to truly start the potty training. He has been interested for a long time but now I think he's got it. He went to school on Wed in underwear and did not have ANY accidents and only 1 today. He is pooping in the potty too! I cannot believe it and we are just so proud of him..... It is funny what you get excited about after you have kids, it is truly ALL about them. When we were out and about on monday I think we stopped at every public restroom MORE THAN ONCE. Needless, to say I was worn out. I have come to realize that public restrooms need commodes for smaller hiney's and stools for the sink to wash their hands!!! Well, we are so proud of Brandon and he has been getting suprise after surprise this week!!!

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