Friday, April 18, 2008

Benefit for my DAD

I wanted to let everyone know about a benefit that is being held on May 3 (Saturday) for my dad, Randy Smith. As most of you know he was a birmingham police officer for 7 years and in 1995 was shot and injured on the job. He had a traumatic brain injury and a long recovery but is definitely a miracle today. He grew up in Homewood, AL and played football at Homewood high school. The benefit will begin Saturday morning with a 5K walk and carnival afterwards and then later in the day there will be a parade and ceremony with a dinner following. We are very excited for him and he is also. I know there are suppose to be advertisements on tv, in the newspaper and on the radio. I am so happy that my dad is being honored on this day. We all love him very much and are thankful he is here with us today. I am currently a Physical therapist assistant working at Spain Rehabilitation Center at UAB. My dad was a patient here and I treat patients that are just like he was 13 years ago. It definitely can be challenging at times, but I hope I can help my patients the way his therapist helped him. Thank you all for listening and the website to go to if you are interested in attending or donating is

I hope everyone has a blessed day and weekend! Let me know if anyone has questions.


Number8gurl said...

We Love Homewood Day is actually an annual event held in Homewood each year on the 1st Saturday in May. It is a major fundraiser for the Homewood Middle and High School band programs. I'm glad they were able to work in these additional events to honor your Father. My daughter is a Junior in the Homewood High School band and has marched in the parade every year since she started middle school. The guy who I believe coached your Father at HHS, Alvin Bresler actually worked for my late Father in the insurance industry once he retired from football. Small world huh? I will be working a ride at Patriot Park and then on Oxmoor road for the parade. I don't think I can afford a ticket to the benefit but I hope it is a successful one. I read that Mayor Mccauley is going to present your Father with the 'Quality of Life' award. That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I wish that I was going to be in town Saturday, I would love to be there! Good luck!